Wednesday, April 21, 2010


MORNink semua!! humm bgn je pagi ni tbe2 tringat ! movie bahase arab tak submit lagi!! waaaa dh delay a week! amek ko!! hummm harap ustazah tak deduct marks..furthermore so do my BEL (english) report writing..

aiyoyoyoyo ape nk jadi dgn sy ni (sigh) :(
apa ek kerja laen2 yg banyk buat sy sndiri tak tahu apa yang sy buat selama semester ini..<<<jap2 prasan tak ayat belit2?hahaahha okay sy dh wenggg huhuhu

ok2 focus! FINAL EXAM first paper ahad ni! which is structure..and...i think i should start to study now!! 

ooohh wait,before i`s an article ...

The MOST IMPORTANT article on planet earth that i wanted to share with all of alert!

p/s : i started trembling now ...errrrr 
- thanks pada blog bom321for da pitcha- wink2:D


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